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Campus Fest Calender

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October 2010
TechnoNectar10, October 21-22, 2010, National Level Technical Symbossium,BVRIT

Tathva 2010, October 21-24, Technical Festival, NIT Calcut, Kerala
Aranya 2010,October 21-24 2010,Technical Festival, Thapar University, Punjab

techNIT 2010, October 22-24, 2010Techno-Managerial fest,Dr.Ambedkar NIT, Jalandhar, Panjab
Hill’ffair 2010- Oct 22-24, 2010,Annual Cultural Fest,National institute of Technology, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh

Infotsav 2010, Oct 29-31, 2010,annual technology and management festival of ABV-IIITM Gwalior,ABV-IIITM Gwalior
March 2010

Radiance 10,March 13-14,2010, Annual research and technological festival of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay

Febraury 2010

Technovanza, February 5-7, 2010, Technical Festival, VJTI,Matunga, Mumbai-19
January 2010
Gnosiomania 2010- The Seventh Quest, January29-31, 2010,NIT Allahabad,

Backwaters, January 13-17, 2010, Annual Management and Cultural Fest, IIM Kozhikode


September 2009

TECHNOTHLON-The national School Championship, September 3-6, 2009, IIT Guwahati
Techniche '09, September 3-6, 2009, Technical Fest , IIT Guwahati

March 2009

TECHFEST '09 - 21st March-23rd March , Technical Fest- SLIET,Longowal

Cognizance 2009, March 20-22, 2009,Technical Fest, IIT Roorkee

Apogee-2009, March, 2009

September 2008

Techniche 08, September 5-7, 2008, Science and Technical Fest, IIT Guwahati

July 2008

AADHRITA 08, July 3,4,5 - 2008, national level student symposium,MVGR College of Engineering ,Vizianagaram

May 2008

MECHTRIX-08, May 3, 2008,Paper Presentation Contest, Department of mechanical engineering, BVBCET, Vidyanagar, Hubli, Karnataka

ORTUS 08', May9-10, 2008, technical Fest, Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering and Technology (BVBCET), Vidyanagar, Hubli, Karnataka

April 2008

UROOJ-08,9th to 11th April 2008, National Level Fest of Amity Institute of Biotechnology (AIB)

Manthan 2008, April 11-12, 2008, Tech Fest, Padre Conceciao College of Engineering, Goa

Sparsh 08, April18-21, 2008, Cultural festival , Sardar vallabhai national Institute of Techno logy, Surat

AjnaChakra08, April 21st to 24th, 2008, TECHNO AND CULTURAL FIESTA'08 , TRAVANCORE ENGINEERING COLLEGE,Kollam, Kerala

March 2008
En masse'08, 1st and 2nd of March, 2008,annual management festival of PGDGBO(Global Business Operations), Shri Ram College of Commerce.

CYNAPSE, March 3, 2008, Technical Symposium, RMK Engineering College.

Mindsurf Zune 2k8 , 5th March, 2008,Technical Symposium,Jerusalem College of Engineering,

QUEST 08, March 5,National level technical symposium organized by the Computer Science and Engineering dept,JNTU College of Engineering , Hyderabad.

Matrikz 08, March 5-6, 2008, national Level symposium, Department of Metallurgy,GCE, Salem–11.

INDCON ' 08, March 5-7, 2008,Techno- management symposium,CEG , Anna University.

Techwizards, March 6-7, 2008, Technical Fest, MACE, Kothamangalam, Kerala.

JET ELBLOOMS 08, March 6-7, 2008, technical symposium of Dept. ECE, Jeppiar Engg. College, Chennai

Instincts 08, March 6-8, 2008,Annual Cultural Fest, SSN College of Engineering, Chennai.

Nakshatra 08, March 6-8, 2008, Techno-Cultural Fest, Saint GITS College of Engineering, Kottayam, Kerala.

aBaCUS '08, March 7th , 8th, 2008, Technical Festival, Dept. Computer Science and Engg. CEG, Anna University.

Alchemy '08, 7th & 8th March, 2008.Technical symposium of the Chemical Engineering Department of NIT Trichy.

Springspree 2008, March 7-9, 2008, Cultural Festival, NIT Warangal, A.P

ALCHEMY 2008 , March7-8, 2008, Department of Chemical Engineering , IIT

Sanskriti, March 8, 2008,Annual Arts Fest, MACE,Kothamangalam, Kerala.

Praxis 2008, March 9,10,National Level Technical Symposium and Cultural Extravaganza,Production Engineering Association of the GCT, Coimbatore.

Innovate 08, March 10-11,2008 ,Technical Fest, SRM University, Modinagar, Ghaziabad - 201204

Promethean-2k8 ,March 10-12th 2008 , National Level Technical Fest,Padmasri Dr B.V. Raju Institute Of Technology, Hyderabad, A.P.

Inferno 2008, March 11-12, 2008, Techno Cultural Festival, P A Aziz College of Engineering & Technology (PAACET), Trivandrum, Kerala.

Infotsav 08, March 11-13,2008,Annual Technology and Management Festival,ABV-IIITM, Gwalior. APOGEE 2008 ,March 11-13, 2008, All-India Technical Festival of the Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani.

Infractionz '08, 12th March , National Level Symposium conducted by the Electronics and Communication Department of Jaya Engineering College,Chennai.

Chakra 08, March 12-13, 2008, Mech Tech FestVASAVI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, Ibrahimbagh, Hyderabad, A.P

Techathlon08, March 12-13, 2008, technical symposium conducted by the Electronics and Communications Engineering branch of Vasavi College of Engineer

Yo`Jana '08, March 12-13, 2008,National Level Technical Symposium, Younus College of Engineering and Technology,Vadakkevila P.O.,Kollam, Kerala.

CSFest 08, 12-13 March 2008,National level technical festival,dept. of Computer Science & Engg., Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad.

Nimbus 2008, March 13-16, 2008, Technical fest , NIT Hamirpur.

Jijnasa2008, March 14-15.National Level Technical Fest for EEE Students, Bhoj Reddy Engineering College for women, Saidabad,Hyderabad , A.P

Refulgence'08, March 14-15, 2008,National Level Technical Symposium,Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology, Andhra Pradesh

Samaagam 08, March 14-15, 2008, All India Management Festival,Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi.

ELECTRET 2008, March 14-15, 2008,National Level Paper Presentation Contest, CBIT, Hyderabad, A.PO

Techunique 08, March 14-16, 2008, Technical Fest, Amrutvahini College of Engg. Sangamner, Maharashtra.

SANKETH 08, March 15, Technical Festival, SCIENT INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY,Ibrahimpatnam , Ranga Reddy Dist , A.P.

Kuruksastra 2008, March 13-17, 2008, cultural festival,SASTRA University, Tanjavur, Tamilnadu.

Technoswec-2k8 ,MARCH 17th & 18th, 2008TechFest, Sridevi Women’s Engineering College in association with ISTE, IEEE & IEG

Innovation 08, March19, 2008,The 4th National Level Innovative Idea & Solution Competition ,EDC - SNIST, Hyderabad.

Pinnacle '08, March 19th and 20th , 2008, Annual Technical Symposium,Society of Mechanical Engineers, College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University

MITAFEST08, March 20-23, 2008, Cultural Fest,Madras Institute of Technology. Tamilnadu

TECHNOTRYST 08, March 20-21, 2008, Techno-Cultural Fest,Govt.College Of Technology, Coimbatore

WAVES '08, March 22-23, 2008, Technical Fest, Dept. EEE, College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University,Chennai.

Ragam08, March 26-30, 2008,Annual Cultural Festival, NIT Calicut, Kerala.

Automeet 08, March 28, 2008,National level technical fest, MIT and Automobile Engineers Association (AEA) of MIT.

Litereti08, March 28-30, 2008, Technical Fest, NIT Kurukshetra.

Cognizance ‘08, March 28-30, 2008, Technical Festival,Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.

Pravah'08, March29-31 2008,Techno-Management Fest,National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur.

Adex08, March 30-April 01, 2008, Design Exposition,Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

February 2008

Unmaad 08, February 1-3, Inter-collegiate fest IIM Bangalore, More Details...........

BLITZSCHLAG, February 1-3, national level techno cultural fest, MNIT Jaipur More Details...........

Kriya 2008, February 1-3, Technical Festival, PSG TECH, COIMBATORE, Tamilnadu, More Details.......

MANUSYS '08, February 7-9, 2008.Technical Festival,Manufacturing Engineering , CEG,Anna University, Tamilnadu More Details...........
Felicity 08,
February 8-10, Annual Technical and Cultural Festival, IIIT Hederabad, Andhrapradesh. More Details...........

February 12-14, 2008,Nnational National level technical Symposium,IEEE Students’ branch of SNIST, HyderabadMore Details..........

TecUthsav 2008,
February 13-17, 2008,Nnational level technical symposium, Thiagarajar College of Engineering. More Details..........
Quark 08,
February 9-11, Technical Festival, BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus, More Details.......

Bhavah 08,
Febraury 14-15, 2008,National Level Technical Symposium,T.K.M College of Engineering , Kollam, Kerala. More Details........

Aarohan 2008,
February 14-17, Technical Festival, NIT Durgapur , West Bengal, More Details.....

February 14-15, 2008, National Level Technical Symposium, ECE Dept. Pondicherry Engineering College. More Details......
Engineer 2008
, February 14-17, Technical Fest, NITK Surthkal, Karnataka. More Details.......
Techkriti 08,
February 14-17, 2008, Science and Technology Festival, IIT Kanpur, More Details.....

Parivartan 08,
February 15-17, 2008,the annual Business Festival of IIT Delhi. More Details......

epiphany 08,
Cultural Fest,15th,16th & 17th of February 2008,Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune. More Details...........

Kanini Fest - 2008,
February 15-16, 2008National Level Technical Symposium, Erode Sengunthar Engineering College ,Erode, tamilnadu. More Details......
Kritansh 2008,
February 16-28, 2008,The Annual techno-management fest ,KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, More Details........

Aikya 2008,
February 16, 2008,National Level Techno Fiesta,School of Computing, Koneru Lakshmaiah College of Engineering ,Guntur,Andhra Pradesh More Details........

TROKIA 08, February 19th - 23rd ,2008 IEEE Student Branch, Delhi College Of Engineering, Delhi. More Details.........

Vitality 2008,
February 20-23, National Level Technical Fest, Viswakarma Institute of Technology, Pune, Maharashtra. More Details.......

SRiSHTi 08
,February 22-23, 2008, Technical Fest,PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. More Details..........

khUCEee '08
, February 22-24, 2008, inter-collegiate cultural festival, Orissa Institute of TechnologyMore Details......

Samhita 08
, February 23,2008 annual technical fest, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Madras Institute of Technology. More Details......

Colloquium 08,
February 24-25, 2008, Annual Technical Festival,Mohandas College Of Engineering and Technology, Trivandrum, Kerala, More Details............

Daksh 08,
February 25-27, technical Fest, SASTRA University,Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu More Details......

Feb 26-27, 2008,Management Fest, Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management (SIOM). More Details.........

Azure 08,
Feb 28, 29, March 1, 2008,National Level Cultural and Technical Fiesta, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirapally, Kottayam, Kerala. More Details.........

Pragyan 2008,
February 28-March 2, Technical Festival, NIT Trichy, Tamilnadu, More Details........

Flair 08,
February 29-March1, 2008, Technical Fest,SSM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING,Namakkal Dist, Tamil Nadu. More Details................

Tryst 2008,
February 28-March 2, 2008,Annual technical Fest, IIT Delhi. More Details.......

Crossroads 2008,
February 28-March 2, 2008, Mar Baselios College Nalanchira, Trivandrum. More Details.......
29th February - 2nd March 2008,Technical Festival,Walchand College of Engineering,Sangli,Maharashtra. More Details .........
,February 29-March2,cultural festival,NITK, Suratkal,Karnataka. More Details....
Synapse 08 ,
February 29-March 2, 2008, annual festival of Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar, Gujarat More Details........

Kshaktriya ' 08,
February 28th & 29th,Technical Symposium 2008-Bharathidasan University,Thiruchirapalli,Tamilnadu. More Details......

Megabucks 2008
, Feb28-March 2, 2008,International business and entrepreneurship festival , IIt Kanpur. More Details......

February 28-March 2, 2008, Cutural fest, VNIT, Nagpur, maharashtra, More Details.......

,Feb 29-Mar 1,2008,Annual National level Technical Symposium, CSITA,Government College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. More Details .......
January 2008

Intaglio 08
, January 4-6, 2008, International Business Scool Meet, IIM Culcuta, More Details....
January11-15, 2008,Management &Cultural Festival, IIM Kozhokode, Kerala , More Details......

, January 11-13, 2008,Annual Business Conclave,IIM Lucknow .More Details..........
January13-15, 2008,Technical Festival, ,V.J.T..I ,Matunga, Mumbai-19 , More Details......
Mukti 08,
Janury11-13, 2008, Linux and FOSS Fest, NIT Durgapur, West Bengal. More Details.........
Samavesh 08,
January 13-15, 2008, Technical Fest, Inter- College Technical Festival,University College of Engineering ,Burla More Details.......
January16-18,2008, National Level technical Fest, MACFAST, Kerala, More Details.....
January18-20,2008, National Level Quiz, MNNIT, Allahabad, More Details.....
January 19-24, Technical Fest, IEEE Student Branch, ISM Dhanbad, More Details....
Pranav 2008,
January 25,2008,National level technical Symposium ,Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College, Tamilnadu. More Details.........

Kurukshetra 08,
January22-25, Technical Festival,College of Engineering, Anna University, Guindy, Chennai , Tamilnadu. More Details......

Quizfest 08,
February 23-24, 2008,Quiz Extravaganza,, VNIT Nagpur and Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. More Details ........

January24-25, 2008, National level technical symposium ,Departments of CSE & IT Kumaraguru College of Technology, Tamilnadu. More Details........

Jigyasa '08,
January25, 2008 National Level Paper Presentation,D M S at IIT Roorkee. More Details........

Sarang 08,
January 23-27, 2008,Cultural Festival, IIT Madras, Tamilnadu. More Details.....

IQBE 08,
January 24-25, National level technical symposium, PSG College Of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. More Details........
January 25-27, Technical Fest, NIT Waranga, AP. More Details......
Techfest 2008,
January25-27, Technical Fest,IIT Bombay......More Details....
Springfest 2008
, January 25-28, Cultural Festival, IIT Kharagpur More Details....
January 25-27, Technical festival of NIT Warangal, A.P. More Details....

Riviera 08,
Jan 30 to Feb 2, 2008, International CulFest , VIT University , Vellore, Tamilnadu More Details...........
Kshitij 2008,
January31-February3, Techno-Management Festival , IITKharagpur, More Details.......
January 31-February3, International level Robotics competition, IIT Kharagpur, More Details.....
Alcheringa 08
,Jan 31-feb3, 2008,National level annual cultural festival, IIT Guwahati, More Details....

, January 31- February 2, Technical Festival, Model Engineering College, Cochin, Kerala, More Details.....


December 2007

Equilibria 07,16th to 18th December, 2007, National Level Techical Competition, VIT University, Tamilnadu More Deatils........
Mood Indigo, December 26-29, Cultural Festival,IIT Bombay .More Details........

November 2007

Hill'ffair07, November2-4, Cultural Festival, NIT Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh , More Details ......
PECfest 4,November 2-4, 2007, inter-collegiate festival,Punjab engineering college, Chandigarh More details.......
Effervescence 07, November 3-7,annual festival of Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad , More Details..........
IRIS 07,November 29-Dec 2, 2007,Management Festival, IIM Indore, More Details.......
Torque 07, November 24-28, 2007,Motor Show and techno cultural festival, mangalam College of Engineering, Kottayam , Kerala, More Details......

October 2007

InnoVision'07, October4-6, Technical Fest, NIST, NewDelhi. More Details.....
Igniz07, October 4-6 ,Terchno-Cultural Festival, SCMS College of Engineering and Technology, Ernakulam, Kerala More Details........
Shaastra '07, October3-8, Technical Festival, IIT Chennai More Details.....
October 5-7, 2007. Management-Cutural Festival, School of Management Studies , CUSAT, Cochin, Kerala, More Details......
October 10-13, Technical fest, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal More Details.......

Cynosure 2007, october 12-13, technical Fest, IEEE branch of ATRI , Hyderabad, AP. More Details......
Pegazuz 07, October 15-17 , Intercollegeate festival of College of Engineering Adoor, Kerala More Details......
OASIS 07, October 16-17, Cultural Festival,BITS Pilani Campus, Rajasthan. More Details.......
Phreak 0.7,
October16-17, Technical Symposium, VIT University, Tamilnadu. More Details......

Electroutsav '07 ,
October18-19, Technical Festival, VIT University, Vellore, Tamilnadu More Details....

Antaragni 07,
October 25-28, Cultural Festival, IIT Kanpur, More Details......

Inspire 07,October 26-27,Techno-cultural Festival, Division Of Computer Science,CUSAT, Kerala, More Details........

eNCATRTA, October 26-28, 2007, State Level Technical Festival, M.B.M Engineering College, Jodhpur, More Details.......
Techno-Udbhav'07, October 26-28, 2007, Technical Fest, IPEC, Delhi NCR,
More Details......
Ambience 07, October 29- 30,National level technical syposium, CSEA,Mangalam College of Engineering, Ettumanoor, Kottayam, Kerala More Deatils .............

September 2007

Techniche'07, September 7-9, Techno management festival, IIT Guwahati, More Details....
September 20-23, Cultural and Arts Fest, IIT Delhi More Details.....
Festember 07, September 20-23, Cultural Fest, NIT Trichy, Tamilnadu. More Details......
Tathva'07, September 27-30, Technical Festival ,NIT Calicut More Details.......
September28-29, 2007,TECHNICAL SYMPOSIUM , VIT University, Tamilnadu. More Details.....

August 2007

Malhar 07,August14-15, 2007,Cultural Fest, St. Xavier's College, Bombay, More Details.....
Spandan, August 28-September 1, 2007,Annual Cultural , literary fest, JIPMER, Puducherry, More Details........


Success Stories, Motivational Quotes, beautiful thoughts, succesful life stories, funny stories, humour, SMS collections,inspiring words, friendship quotes, love messages etc.....




Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tatva 2010, October 21-24,2010, Technical Festival , NIT Calicut

Tathva is the annual Technical Festival of National Instituite of Technology Calcut. This year NIT presents the silver Jubileer Year edition of Tathva.
Main Evernts,
Concept car design,
Paper presentations,
and many more
More Details visit.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

techNIT2010, October 22-24, 2010,Techno- Managerial Fest, Dr.B.R Ambedkar NIT, Jalandhar, Panjab

About techNITi
techNITi is the techno-managerial student fest of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jalandhar in Punjab, India. techNITi, the annual fest, has emerged as one of the region’s most sought after event. It saw the light of day in the year 2007 when first determined steps were taken. techNITi’s second coming in the fall of 2008 saw history being made with the NIT campus playing host to many eminent personalities from various stellar institutions of our nation such as ISRO, National Forensics institute and so on.

As part of our commitment to technological innovation, they organized techNITi’09, a student fest consisting of competitions, seminars, symposiums, workshops and guest lectures. The fest was a stupendous success, receiving an enthusiastic response from schools and colleges across the country. Thousands of students participated in a wide range of technical and managerial events over a course of three days. The fest saw the conception of some innovative and unique ideas, and the tremendous participation has encouraged us to make techNITi an annual event.

techNITi’09 was highly appreciated by eminent personalities which includes Mr. Manish Tripathi – Chairman, Dabbawala (Mumbai), Mr. Dilip Chhabria, Mr. Mahesh Murthy, Dr. Sam Pitroda. This time we have Prof. H C Verma, Cherie Blair, Pamila Slim, Yashavant Kanetkar, Leonardo chiariglone as our guest lectures.

Guests Lectures
Online Events
Techniti Nights
Webbie's Words!
More Details

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hill’ffair 2010- Oct 22-24, 2010,Annual Cultural Fest,National institute of Technology, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh,

Main Events

ADAM N EVE:- The blue riband pageant of NIT Hamirpur where the smartest of encephalons, confident gait, witticism and the gorgeous looks wear the glorious crown! Register yourself on the website.

Fash P:- Celebrating style and latest trendzz, Fashion Parade at NIT Hamirpur adorns the elegance and faddish grace of nonpareil dimensions.

Rocknite:- Indulge in the maverick ecstasy of the defenses torn down amidst the electrifying aureole of the revered Rock Music!

DJ Nite:- Feel the rhythm of foot tapping music as the whole arena turns into a dance floor as the DJ spins the jukebox and lets the beats roll in.

Battle of bands:- When the best Rock Band players from across the country will converge at NIT Hamirpur on 3rd day of Hill’ffair, the stakes would be higher and so would be the talent on display. The performances will be outstanding and the memories would be incredible.

Informal events:-The Informal Band Wagon brings to you an over plus of fun and romp:
Face Painting: Hold the paintbrushes like a Picasso and let your friend's visage be your canvas and glide over the hues with your creative flair

NITH Roadies: Let your daredevil spirit run free through the wild, adventurous courses lined up for them in this most anticipated event!
Gaming Arena:- With a motto “Go Game”, gaming arena provides you with a perfect platform to showcase your gaming skills and grab some huge prizes. Fun unlimited!

Contact details:-
+91-9418003100 +91-9882129867

Manoj Sharma Sudhir Verma
(Cultural Coordinator) (Student Secretary)

More Details:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Aranya 2010,October 21-24 2010,Technical Festival, Thapar University, Punjab,

Aranya is a major technical fest in northern India which attracts many of the techno freaks from all over the country.The technical fest include many events ranging from technical competitions like programmming, quizzing, paper presentation, debates etc. to Workshops in robotics, ethical hackinga and many more. Also are the online events like cyber pirates, reverse gear etc.

For More Details

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Infotsav 2010, Oct 29-31, 2010,annual technology and management festival of ABV-IIITM Gwalior,ABV-IIITM Gwalior,

Infotsav 2010 is the annual technology and management festival of ABV-IIITM Gwalior. This unique confluence of IT and Management aims to put to the test of mental acumen and alacrity of the students, helping them to gear up for future corporate battles. Infotsav provides an excellent opportunity for students to interact with their peers and the best minds from the Indian Business and Technical community. The focus of Infotsav is on providing a competitive atmosphere and bringing out the best in students by giving them an incentive for excellence.Infotsav 2010 intends to provide a conductive platform for students from various technical and management institutes across India to compete among themselves on the myriad of technical as well as management events.In this event the students become aware of new emerging fields of researches going on in academia and industry, thus encouraging them to find relevant areas of research and to apply their expertise trough the medium of various relevant competitions held during Infotsav.Infotsav 2010 will comprise of technical and management events which will be of both competitive and challenging in nature. Infotsav expect increased participation from engineering colleges and B-schools. In addition to having separate events for technical and management fields, there will also be some challenging and noble events that will test both the technical and management prowess of the participants simultaneously.

main Events at Infotsav 2010:
Code War
Code Weavers
La Ingenious
Web Mania
Witch Hut
Stock Sutra
Bull Fight
Job Bureau
Trove Trace

More Details

Friday, October 1, 2010

TechnoNectar10,October 21-22, 2010, National Level Technical Symbossium,BVRIT,

TechnoNectar, A National Level Technical Symposium conducted by Padmasri Dr.B.V.Raju Institute Of Technology,

Main Events
Technical Events
Non Technical Events

More Details: